No Water for teachers and hundreds of ethnic pupils

April 15, 2017


On the 9th and 10th of August, 2016, I had a chance to pay a visit to primary schools in a very disadvantaged mountain District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam. 


Among them was A primary school  that looked good at first sight. However, a close look taken at its insides  really astonished me, as nearly all things inside the walls were in bad condition. Worse, a Water Closet (WC) has been abandoned for ages since there has been no water supply. Imagine what if a teacher or a pupil would like to go to toilet? You can guess its answer.


"Presenting this problem to the authorised agencies, but it has not been solved once and for all", the leader of Office of Education and Training (OED) from C District lamented . 


All considered, this daily need is urgently met, as the teachers and students do not wait. Từ Hòa-CICG did not  hesitate to sponsor a pumping-well drilled at a price of 40 million VNDs (2700 Auds), but the drill could not penetrate the solid stones of the underground despite different three attempts made by a well-drilling provider.  A higher quality well-driller was recomended by the leader of Bac Ai OED at an estimated price  of 70 million VND (= 4200 Aud). "Such a bump has been affirmed to supply water all year round (including six-month dry season) within ten years", said the leader in the friendly conversation with me and in her email.


This amount of money was, once again, provided byTỪ HÒA-CICG on behalf of our donors to our representative, who worked with the Educational Head of C District. But it could not happen because the contractor did not ensure that they would be able to succeed in drilling a well through the ground full of solid stones.

Từ Hòa-CICG did not fail to give up by providing the enthusiastic assistance in completing an application for the funding titled DAP (Direct Aids Project) offered by the Australian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City with a project “Fixing the Plumbing network at a Village of Rural District, Ninh Thuan Province “ which will help supply water for the whole Phuoc Tan Village and part of Phuoc Tien Village including water supply for A primary school. However, once again, no contact with the Head of Education and Training at C District was made by the Australian Consultlate General, perhaps because many other applicants could deserve the funding granted by the DAP Panel.

I am wondering if there is a way that could help bring smile and happiness to the teachers, their students and local people. I think asking for help is a way!

Therefore, any help, suggestion, donation or participation will be highly appreciated to solve this problem.

Countless thanks,

Tậm Tịnh

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