Training programs for migrant children from loving schools across Saigon

April 15, 2017


Tear drops never end for the disadvantaged children at loving schools in Ho Chi Minh City. Many have not been cared for by their parents/caregivers. They have to work as scavengers, lottery ticket sellers, waiters, cleaners etc from early morning till afternoon or to late evening. They do not have access to formal schools due to their no permanent residency, poverty and/or child abuse. 

Their present life is horrible and it is certain their future will be in dark. To get their hopes up, a "Take Wings' program has been established by me to call upon donators and benefactors to help.


Interviews were undertaken between 21 children (birth year: 2005-2001) and us, the teacher in charge and me. Moreover, our random visits to ten of the participants' renral rooms were paid by us to confirm the information provided from the friendly conversations, and expand the data from the participants and their parents or caregivers. As a result, a list of 20 children was drawn for the "Take Wings' Program.


Right after that, luckily, Based on this list, the Representative Office of L'oréal from France located at Ho Chi Minh City have accepted six of them to be professionally trained to be hairdressers free of charge for 6 months. Up to now, three of the six are getting paid at  2 million to 3 million VND per month  (120 AUDs - 180 AUDs) on their six-month probation. After that, they will have to be independently assessed by them. If they pass the assessment, they will be awarded professional diplopmas by L'oréal.


Unfortunately, the other three girls quitted the training program owing to their own reasons. Instead, L'Oréal accepted other three girls from our loving class. They are all happy with the training program provided by L'Oréal, Hopefully, like the three predecessors, these girls will be paid after six-month training.


This is the first piece of good news I want to share with you while many things to do are waiting for us.

Tâm Tịnh

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