A new 39 metre-long bridge for 670 households in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

May 20, 2017

Mr. Thanh inspecting the Cha Nien Bridge between Nai Nien hamlet and Ai Tu hamlet of Trieu Ai commune, Trieu Phong rural district in Quang Tri Province.


Trieu Ai commune of Trieu Phong rural district in Quang Tri Province has been seen for over 15 years as having a great number of children in non attendance at school owing to no bridge across the Cha Nien River between Nai Nien hamlet and Ai Tu hamlet, particularly in the rainy season while in the dry season, the local inhabitants and their children have to cross this river through the wooden bars, which look dangerous, as illustrated in the photos.


Such a bridge was approached by Mr Thanh, a member of Tu Hoa-CCIG, as a result of his making a thorough three-day inspection of the disadvantaged areas of Trieu Phong.


120 households residing in Nai Nien village have been isolated for over 15 years (as told by local folks) from their neighbours (670 households in Ai Tu hamlet) on the other side of the Cha Nien River, where schools, medical clinics and other basic service centres are located. Stragically, a heart-rending story was narrated about an accidental death of a child, brought about by an ailment due to no access to the clinic without a bridge.


Before 1975 an iron bridge was constructed over here, but it was broken down by the war and the natural disasters (i.g. storms, floods etc), hindering the local inhabitants around from their inter-trade and inter-travel. Since then, no new bridge has been constructed although the local people have wished to have a decent one for such a long time. It is therefore a new bridge across the Cha Nien River is urgently needed to be built.


On behalf of Tu Hoa Group, Mr. Thanh has been working for the recent days with Ba Dat, a bridge constructor and also a contractor. Thanks to their cooperation, the following details about construction process have been provided:


Its length: 39 metres,

Its width 1.8 metres

Its height: 11 metres

Its load: 0.5 ton

Total cost estimated to be over 6000 AUDs


Up to now, the sum of various donations is up to 2715 AUDs, 7 millions VNDs (415 AUDs) and 1000 AUDs drawn from Tu Hoa’s common fund. So, total financial sources are calculated to be at 4130 AUDs. This amount means that more 2000 or so AUDs is needed to have a strong steeled bridge built in the coming days. Therefore, you are very needed to support such a meaningful and significant work, bringing happiness and smile to hundreds of poor people.


Any donation can be made by transferring your amount into the following bank account with its specific details:

BANK:             ORIENT COMMERCIAL BANK - OCB,  Danang Branch

Bank account:      0051100000013004 

Account holder:    Trương Thành

Content:               Building Cha Nien Bridge, Quang Tri with full name &

                             phone Number)


Any more information, please write to Tien via the email addresses: socialeducationalresearch@gmail.com, or tuhoacicg.org@gmail.com

Or hotline 0478 414.800 to Mrs. Nga.


Upon Ba Dat's request, Mr Thanh is now present in Quang Tri to search for a mechanical workshop where power is stable; and three experienced local workers and two junior workers , who will be engaged in constructing a new bridge under the guisdance of Ba Dat and great assistance of Mr Thanh. Besides, Mr Thanh will encourage the local people to participate in this work as volunteers to make their contribution to reducing the total cost.


With best wishes and countless thanks


Below are more photos of the current Cha Nien Bridge







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