Tan Phu Loving Class: A multi-purpose charity place

June 9, 2017

Tens of thousands of schooling age children annaully migrate to Sai Gon with their families from all other places of Vietnam to settle down, but they do not have access to formal school due to their poverty, unregistered residency, no hokhau, no birth certificates or whether they have to earn their own living by tramping busy streets as lottery-ticker sellers, scavengers, street vendors and so forth.  



Migrant out-of-school children are present all over the city, but they frequently gather in newly-formed districts including Thu Duc, Binh Tan, District 9…; industrial zones such as Tan Tao Industrial Zone, Binh Chanh Industrial Zone etc; and even in wealthy districts like District I.


The survival of  HH Loving Class located in Tan Phu, established in late 2010 by a nice couple, Mr. Hoa and Mrs. Hao, is a humane work, because it has been meeting the urgent need of the current setting in Sai Gon. Their class is recognized as a life-long learning model, as it offers a second chance for hundreds of illiterate children to learn. Not only are they taught how to read and write, and how to do basic operations without paying anything at all, but also they are offered a nutritious meal, they are cared for, loved and educated to be good children by kind-hearted volunteers and the founders, who have been dedicated to these poor little souls.


At first, LOVING CLASS welcomed any of poor children of various grades including formal schooling ones who are so low-gifted that they could not catch up with their formal curricula. However the fact is that so many illiterate children come to us that there is no enough room. Then, our priority is given to the latter, who have no access to formal school. In this circumstance, our loving class always reaches 100 or more or so.


Additionally, a nutritious meal is always served to such a number of out-of-school children to make sure that they are all in good mood before class.


Nearly 9,000,000 VNDs (550 AUDs), excluding the cost for free everyday meals, is a monthly rent for a house, used as a loving classroom. Such a very huge amount really needs your assistance and generosity which helps to maintain and develop our loving class with time.


The major purpose of this project is to offer a chance for hundreds of migrant illiterate children to be educated, to have good time, to be cared for and to be loved as they have the rights to these like other children.


We also aim to give a good opportunity for any of those, particularly university students, who have an interest in getting engaged in teaching the loving class children and/or holding joyful games and moral, spiritual events for them.


Not only is our Loving Class an ideal place for illiterate poor children to be educated, but also it is a place on which they and their families, or other very poor families depend, especially in very difficult circumstances that need help in time.


On the other hand, this place is considered as a gathering-point of good people of all kinds, who could make their contributions to reducing the poor souls’ sufferings, as a rule, by donating essential items such as rice, milk, vegetables, soft drinks, drinking water, stationery, books etc., which are shared or given to these little children and other disadvantaged people in the neighbourhood.


Last but not least, such a place is also used as a mini-entrepôt  from which medicinal herbs are distributed to some herbal therapy clinics within Saigon.

Peaceful mind,


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