Your prompt help for the victims of Typhoon Damrey

November 12, 2017


Almost 400,000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance following Typhoon Damrey, which made landfall on the 04th of November in Vietnam’s south-central coastal region with winds of 135 km an hour and following days of torrential rains, has devastated many poorest communities in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Thu Thien Hue, pommelling homes;  damanging many community facilities (schools, clinics etc ), roads, water supplies; destroying hundreds of hectares of crops; and so forth.


A further 18 people have remained missing due to the torrential rains that left some areas submerged in one-three meters of water.


Therefore, your help is promptly needed to assist the victims in getting through the difficult situation they have been facing. TỪ HÒA-CICG is intending to make 150 gifts of which each includes some rice, a box of instant noodles, other essential items and some cash worth about 30 Auds (500,000 VNDs). These gifts will be directly handed in to the victims in Dai Loc of Quang Nam province on 18th November, 2017, as this is one of the areas that was severely ruined.


This significant work is impossible without your generosity, which is highly appreciated from the bottom of our heart.


Thank you very much indeed for your prompt action.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Tien Dang,


Founder of TỪ HÒA-CICG




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