Take-Wings Program Attached to the L'Oréal Vietnam: A Bright Future for Migrant Illiterate Children in Saigon

March 1, 2018

Ho Anh Thu is a motherless child, who was born in Tien Giang province in 2001. His father was not able to care for him and his younger brother because he has been workless. Anh Thu was forced to leave them for Saigon with his grandmother (his mother’s mum) to make a living. He could not go to school until he reached the age of 13 when he was lucky to go to Hoa Hao Loving Class opened at night to illiterate children in Saigon. Not only are they instructed how to read, to write and to do the four basic operations, but also they are always being served a nutritious meal for free right before the classtime. More importantly, they are really loved, cared for, and taught how to be good human-beings in family and society by the devoted founders and voluntary teachers.

On this photo, Anh Thu is the person wearing an orange hat, standing near the entrance door of Hoa Hao Loving Class


To survive in a lawless and disordered city like Saigon for the time being, he had to work hard for another person, assembling the parts of halo lights six days a week from 8 or 9am to 4.30pm at a monthly wage of two million VNDs (116 AUDs), without any benefits and allowances.


Then came his fortune, as he was selected from the list prepared for our Take-Wings Program (in late 2016) to be trained by the L’Oréal Vietnamwith a slogan, “Beauty for a Better Life”, to become a professional hairdresser without any charges, starting on 09/02/2017. He was officially awarded a diploma by the L’Oréal Vietnam on 20/05/2017, certifying that “Anh Thu has successfully graduated from Professional Hairdressing Training Program”. With his hairdressing, make-up and manicuring skills acquired under such a diploma, Anh Thu has been able to make a lot of money.


Anh Thu has been working as a professional hairdresser for one hair and beauty salon in Saigon. Especially, he is often offered to do the hairdressing and make-up for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and bestmen for wedding ceremonies in Saigon. His monthly income fluctuates between 15 and 20 million VNDs (900 – 1150 AUDs), from which he could afford taking care of his grandmother, father and his younger brother living in Tien Giang.Undoubtedly, Anh Thư’s future is getting well bright due to the charity program run by the L’Oréal Vietnam, the compassion of Mr. Hung and Mrs Chi and voluntary teachers of Hòa Hảo Loving Class, and TỪ HÒA-CICG’s Take-Wings Program. Our Take-Wings Program is really getting off the ground. To know more about the Take-Wings Program, please spend your time reading the whole report. Hopefully, you will be pleased with this significant program and will soon turn our conviction into action for the bright future of the unfortunate little souls migrating from other places all over Vietnam with just a dream of making their both ends meet by scavenging, selling lottery tickets, hawking etc.

Please, follow the link to read the full report on our Porject Page


or https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/6b4511_76dc07c5a5fd403f8992430597fabe11.pdf

Dr. Tien DANG


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