A Significant Charity Journey to Vietnam

May 14, 2018

With your back up for my two-month charity journey to Vietnam, a lot of good deeds have been done in great success.

  •  Knowledge on Vietnamese herbal medicines and valuable data about traditional herbals specific for patients’ diabetes

An investigation undertaken into sources of herbal medicines through personal contacts with herbal doctors, herbal pharmacists, herbal suppliers, herbal-seekers, herbal-gatherers, herbal planters and patients; and through my observations over a five-hectare herbal garden, traditional Vietnamese medicine premises, herbal clinics carried out with care in An Giang and Saigon,   have really given rise to reliable and valuable data for two herbal-related research articles in the coming months. One article is on the effect of herbal medicines specific for diabetes, The other is about the reliability and quality of traditional Vietnamese medicines provided free of charge for patients all over Vietnam. While the data for the latter are recognized as sufficient, the data for the former are being supplemented for two months. Hopefully, Vietnamese herbal will be worldwide known and many more people with diabetes in the world will be able to have access to these specific Vietnamese herbal medicines, which will help their diabetes to be well controlled while they are still on normal diet.


For now, with the sources of herbal medicines manufactured from natural farming and forests or wildlife places, there are plenty of traditional Vietnamese medicines supplied free of charge for oriental therapy clinics in Vietnam as planned by TỪ HOA-CICG. Additionally, room and board is promised to be provided by a kind-hearted couple free of charge for those who do wish to be trained and practiced to be charity herbal physicians, devoted to serve patients without any reputation and money at all.

 Herbal medicines provided free of charge for oriental therapy clininics throughout Central Vietnam.

  • Project of TỪ HÒA Charity Complex in Danang is getting off to a flying start:

A 400 square-metre organic vegetable garden is being created in the complex at the estimated building cost of 45 million VNDs (2800 AUDs). In this garden, natural farming will be applied without using any pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and NPK. In this respect, natural vegetables will be supplied for those who need to take them in keeping their families healthy and safe. The income gained is spent for charity activities organized by TỪ HÒA-CICG. Fortunately, some Buddists have volunteered to take care of such a garden, which is also an ideal place for the seniors to be engaged in watering and caring for vegetables.



Apart from the garden, Senior Venerable Thich Thien Buu and TỪ HÒA-CICG have reached the agreement that another land lot owned by him with its area of 120 m2 (6m*20m) is permitted in use for long to construct a charity complex. The advantage is that it is easy to be recognized because it faces the residential quarter near Da Nang bus station. 

This complex comprises three spaces. In the front is a pure, right-doings-themed library of 54 m2 in area, which will also be used for diverse purposes. In the middle is an open space with its area of 30 m2, which will be designed to be a beautiful landscape where guests, local folks, patients or anyone can find themselves calm and peaceful . To the end is an oriental therapy centre, which will also be utilized as a storeroom of medicinal herbs from which these medicines will be distributed to traditional therapy clinics across Vietnam’s central coastal region as well as northern Vietnam.


This project has been planned with intended activities for those who would like to get involved in/engaged in. It should be noted that every week, some patients will be taken by our charity car to a peaceful Charity Traditional Vietnamese therapy clinic with 50 patient-beds located near a waterfall full of wild flowers in Hoa Vang rural district, 20 kms away from Danang Central.

  • Thien Lanh Oriental and Western Clinic will have officially been open free of charge for all by the end of May, 2018.

 * A second Thien Lanh oriental clinic has been open for the time being in Thanh Xuan Buddhist Temple, Trieu Ai commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province.


 One TỪ HÒA member giving some bags of herbal medicines  of various kinds to Quang Nha nun, a herbal physician in charge of a Thien Lanh oriental clinic  sponsored by TỪ HÒA-CICG in Trieu Phong district .

  • A would-be high-quality Charity Hospital has been waiting for potential sponsors, who do wish to make a big difference with TỪ HÒA-CICG in a long run.

  • Many other deeds have been completed in happiness.

It is well acknowledged that these achievements could not have been gained without you, your support, which is very highly appreciated from the bottom of our heart. TỪ HÒA-CICG do hope you will continue to back us up in our present and future projects, bringing happiness to many other people in need here and there.


Happiness, Peace with all the best.

Dr Tien Dang

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