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June 12, 2018


A charity prosthetic leg surgery, which is going to be performed on 15th of June, 2018 in Ben Tre by a delegation of experts from America, has appealed to a great number of Vietnamese handicapped people in financial difficulty. As a matter of fact, they do not balance those who are sponsored for such free-money artificial leg replacement. As a consequence, four cases (in difficulty after having been investigated) introduced by TỪ HÒA-CICG,  have all been out of their surgery list.  


Among them are three, who are currently working as lottery-ticket sellers in Saigon, do need artificial limbs.


Without hesitation, TU HOA-CICG is honoured to step out and encourage you: friends, families, colleagues, and those with a kind heart to join in and give your own donations. For now, the market price for a quality artificial leg is estimated about 1800 AUDs (excluding surgery fees: about 200 AUDs/each), adding up to the total cost of 7200 AUDs for all. With 8000 AUDs or so, we will absolutely make a difference for such handicapped souls.


On this occasion, 600 AUDs drawn from TỪ HÒA-CICG’ s fund is the initial amount for this charity activity. Therefore, to reach 8000 AUDs, you are really needed to action.


Following are the stories of four applicants that help you understand more about them before having a clear-cut decision.


1) Mr. Thach is a fifty-year-old man from Phu Yen Province, who is now working and living in District One, Sai Gon. He was a wounded soldier from the Cambodia War in 1987. He was napalm bombed, leaving scars (as burned) on his face and arms. He was certified as a war invalid. After being discharged from the army, he worked as an electrician for Khanh Hoa Central Electric Power Supplier No 3. Unfortunately, in 2004 he had an electricity accident in action, losing his right leg and left arm. He has four children. He left his hometown for Saigon where he has sold lottery tickets since then. During the day, he sells lottery tickets in Pham Ngoc Thanh Street, District Three, and during the night  at Le Van Tam Public Park. It should be acknowledged that his fragile and patchy artificial leg (used for 14 years), will not survive, leaving him exposed to difficulty in travelling as a street vendor. Therefore your support is very needed.

  2) Nguyen Van Phuoc (from Binh Đinh, year age of 37, living in a residential quarter in Nguyen Trai Street, District One, Saigon ) 

He is currently selling lottery tickets right before the entrance gate of Tu Du Maternity Hospital, Saigon. Unluckily, he had a labour accident, causing his spinal cord injury, destroying nerve cells, resulting in his leg myasthemia. Worse, his diabetes complication lost his right leg, as reflected in the image below. It is hard for him to travel a lot due to his daily work. It goes without saying that your prompt help is very highly appreciated.  

  3) Nguyen Thi Van from Binh Đinh, year age of 37, also living in a residential quarter in Nguyen Trai Street, District One, Saigon ) 

She has had poliomyelitis since she was a child, atrophying her legs. Every day, she sells lottery tickets in front of Hung Vuong Post Office, District Five, Saigon. She does wish to have something to support her legs to walk.  

4) Nguyen Phuoc ( Phu Cat - Bnh Dinh Province, year age of 55 ): He has been a farmer. Three years ago, he got serious osteitis, losing his right leg. So poor is he that he cannot afford an artificial leg although he does dream of having one. So, you are very needed to make his dream true.


From all of us here at TỪ HÒA-CICG Compassionate Inclusive Connection Group, our most heartfelt thank you is expressed for your support.

Love, Peace and Happiness


Dr. Tien DANG


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