Loving Class (Life-Long Learning Centre), Free Community Library, L’Oréal Professional Hairdressing Training Point, and Charity Point for Prompt responses to urgent needs/cases.

July 2, 2018


A piece of good news for our Loving Class children is that there will be sufficient drinking water, as another brandnew drinking water filter worth 500 AUDs has just been installed at our Loving Class right before the first day of the new school year 2018-2019 that will be begun this evening (02/07/2018). To keep the children healthy in hygienic conditions, hundreds of reusable coffee cups instead of one for all are also available. 



Additionally, 2000 AUDs is the amount  for phase 2, which TỪ HÒA-CICG supporters have donated to maintain the Loving Class's educational activities, have also been given to Mr Hung, the founder of this special centre. The budget should be 2500 AUDs, but the expenditure for several charity activities has not balanced the income in the recent months. Thus, this budget deficit will be made up within two months.

Thanks to the dedication of Mr. Hung and Ms. Chi, the enthusiastic members of TỪ HÒA-CICG for nine years, not only has our Loving Class been an ideal place for a thousand migrant illiterate children to be educated and loved, but also it has become an effective multi-purpose charity centre.

-         Our Life-Long Learning Class is a loving place for hundreds of very disadvantaged migrant children (lottery-ticket sellers, scavengers, hawkers etc) every year to be taught how to read, to write and to do the four basic operations; and to be educated to become good children in family and in society.

-      Our Life-Long Learning Class is a place that serves daily nutritious organic vegetarian meals to hundreds of disadvantaged children and to their voluntary teachers.

-         Our Life-Long Learning Class is also a non-formal education place that has welcomed tens of illiterate adults every other night. They (most of them are low-income workers) are instructed by our voluntary teachers how to read, to write and to do the four basic operations.

-     Our Life-Long Learning Class is a free-money community library which absorbs some readers each day.


-       Our Life-Long Learning Class is a professional hairdressing training point of the L’Oréal Vietnam, which helps train older-year children from our Loving Class to be professional hairdressers. Additionally, other disadvantaged adults, in our neigbourhood, where there are so many poor people residing for the time being in slums, also have a good chance to pursue these free-of charge training courses held and sponsored by the L’Oréal. All apprentices of this charity program will be free served nutritious organic vegetarian meals before class. For those who could not take bus or who have no means of transport, will be offered to take our electric bikes in free use during the three-month-training period.

-       Last but not least, our Life-Long Learning Class is a place that every week ten to twenty five-kg bags or ten-kilogram bags of rice are given to those who are in extreme difficulty. Particularly, this place is always taking prompt responses to urgent cases, stopping regrettable consequences of poor souls. For instance, the case of a fatherless thirteen-year-old teenager Chau: She was suddenly left us to look after, as her mother had to run away due to no money to return her debt.  Another heartfelt case that should also be mentioned in this letter is about a fatherless ten-year-old boy who was left with his grandmother by his mother’s death from AIDs. His grandmother (his mum’s mother), a lottery-ticket seller was too old to take care of him. Therefore, Mr. Hung and Mrs. Chi (his wife) are always supporting him much more considerately than many other children. From my knowledge and experience, I can say that 101 unhappy lives, which have been occurring around our Loving Class, should be supported in time.

Love, Peace and Happiness 

Dr. Tien Dang

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