Thien Lành Oriental & Western Therapy Centre at Hải Lăng Commune, Quảng Trị Province

July 17, 2018

The construction of Thiện Lành Oriental and Western Therapy Centre will begin being undertaken on 20/07/2018 with the initial amount of 5000 AUDs withdrawn from TỪ HÒA-CICG' s fund. The total cost is about 10,000 AUDs by our estimate. We believe that this medical centre will benefit thousands of low-income patients not only in Hai Lăng district but also in the other districts of Quang Tri province.


Based on the model designed by Dr. Tien Dang for development of Thien Lanh Oriental Therapy Clinics across Vietnam, particularly with  plenty of free-money high-quality diverse herbals (including herbal tablets), TỪ HÒA-CICG is always needing those who are devoted to opening traditional therapy clinics serving free of charge disadvantaged people in Vietnam. Our priority is given to any of those regardless of their religions, who could meet the following requirements: certified and experienced herbal doctors or physicians, their professional certificates granted by authorized agencies, and   their legal licenses to open independent oriental therapy clinics.


Our efforts have not paid off until we met and worked with Venerable Thích Liễu Bổn, Abbot of Quán Âm(Avalokiteśvara) Temple located at Hải Phú commune, Hải Lăng rural district, Quang Trị province. He has been thirsty for establishing an Oriental and Western therapy clinic, which is free not only for ten thousand local low-income folks in his commune, but also for many other disadvantaged people within his whole district and in other districts of Quang Tri province. Venerable Bổn has three herbal physicians and three doctors available for being engaged in giving medical examination and treatment without getting paid at all as soon as the construction of this medical centre has been completed.  The importance is that our requirements, as mentioned above, have been satisfied by their documents regarding their identities and medical professionals (, as illustrated by images at the bottom of this article). In other words, the centre will be open right way following our construction. Additionally, Venerable and his staff of herbal and western doctors will also manage to have free-of-charge medical examinations given for many more disadvantaged people in other districts of Quang Tri province as well as of the local provinces such as Quang Binh, Ha Tinh and so forth.


It is noted that Thiện Lành Oriental and Western Therapy Centre located Hải Lăng has following advantages and working range


1/ Legal license opening an independent clinic

2/ Three herbal doctors/physicians with professional certificates granted by authorized agencies

  • Herbal Doctor Hoàng Huấn , member of  Quảng Trị Association of Herbal Physicians and Doctors

  • Herbal Doctor  Võ Nguyên , Deputy Chairman of Triệu Phong Association of Herbal Physicians

  • Herbal Physician Lê Phong  

3/ Three doctors (+ voluntary doctors) available

  • Doctor Trương Thế Đề  graduated from Hue Medical University in1995, Director of Bồ Bản Hospital located in Triệu Phong district (He is encouraging his colleagues to volunteer to work for this centre)

  • Doctor  Trần Thị Kim Anh

  • Doctor Lê Văn Tuyên

4/ A truck of herbals (leaves, peel, bark) will be supplied free of charge well before the open day.

5/ Tens of 50-kilogram bags of various herbal tablets will be distributed by Saigon Herbal Tablet Centre without any payment at all.

6/ Not only does this Medical Centre situated within the campus of Quán Âm Temple at Hải Phú commune serve over ten thousand poor-money inhabitants but also a great number of other many poverty-stricken people in the whole district as well as other districts of Quang Tri province.

7/ Mobil medical examinations will be monthly held to serve those who are living in the neighboring provinces such as Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An

8/ In order for such a charity medical centre to work sustainably and develop farther,  TỪ HÒA-CICG and Venerable Thích Liễu Bổn have come to agreement following our debates  that two hectares of agricultural land have been set apart for herbal planting and reproduction well after the open day.  It is also certain that planting and reproducing herbals will save our transport fees  and encouraging many local working volunteers to get involved in this meaningful charity.


TỪ HÒA-CICG , Venerable Thích Liễu Bổn, a staff of herbal physicians and doctors are determined to make this centre develop farther and sustainably to benefit tens of thousands of disadvantaged people not only within Quang Tri province but other neighboring provinces as well.

TỪ HÒA will upgrade  and convert a very old house of 3 spaces on the area of 80 m2 into three examination rooms and construct a new waiting room with a WC for patients and their relatives at the estimated cost of 10,000 AUDs or more..

TỪ HÒA-CICG sincerely would like to invite donations from any of you or your friends and relatives for this humane project. All donations will be gratefully accepted. Please donate your money in the following bank account with its specific details:


Orienal Commercial Bank – OCB, Danang  Branch

Bank account:           0051100000013004 

Account’s Holder:       Trương Thành

Content:  Thiện Lành Oriental & Western Therapy Centre Hải Lăng   Trung Tâm Chẩn Trị Y Học Cổ Truyền Thiện Lành Họ Donor’s name & phone number  (if any)


Any more information, please contact Dr Tien DANG via the emails:, or

Following are the additional documents and images regarding this project which will certainly clarify what has been written.


















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