Free money prosthetic leg surgery has been started

July 23, 2018


On the 20th of July, 2018, on behalf of TỪ HÒA-CICG, Vu accompanied Thach, a handicapped lottery ticket seller to HCM City Orthopedist and Rehabilitation Hospital to start having a brand new artificial leg attached to his residual limb. The whole process will take two or three weeks to be completed.  in other words, two or three weeks to go, we will witness Thach wearing the new prosthesis, supporting him to walk easily in his business.

However, two more handicapped lottery ticket sellers named Phuoc and Van could not join us on this occasion, as they have been back to their hometown (Binh Dinh in Central Vietnam) visiting their two children. Thus, the two cases will be performed as soon as they have returned to Saigon.

As greed on the process and prices of artificial leg replacement/installment, 15 million VNDs (nearly 900 AUDS per man-made leg) is the amount TỪ HÒA-CICG have chosen for this prosthetic leg surgery. This charge will also be applied for Phuoc (selling lottery tickets in Saigon), and another Phuoc residing in Binh Định, adding  to the total cost of 45 million VNDs (2700 AUDs) for three cases. In the meantime, only 300 AUDs (5 million VNDs) is needed to support  Van, another lottery ticket seller in Saigon, in having splints worn on her right leg, as atrophied since she was a child.


So many patients were there in the waiting room that we had to wait so long for our turn from which Thach’s residual limb was medically checked and measured to mold a socket and plaster cast. This is of great importance, as  Dr. Woodford claimed, “The fit of a socket has to be precise or the new limb may damage the residual one, causing discomfort or tissue damage and perhaps even making it impossible to wear the prosthesis for a time” (Woodford, 2018).

Thach's residual limb is being checked and measured by a Hospital specialist to mold a socket and a plaster cast taken from his residual one.


It is undeniable that thanks to the aritificial legs or splints, the handicapped lottery ticket sellers like Thach, Phươc & Van will be able to walk normally and easily, facilitating their business, as requiring them travelling on foot quite a lot. 


It goes without saying that your generosity is very highly appreciated and gratefully accepted from the bottom of our heart, as your support does help them, the handicapped lottery ticket sellers to earn money through which their children are cared for by their grandparents (from their hometowns) and sent to school. 


In order to have enough money (50 million VNDs) for these four cases, your on-going donations are really needed. With any financial donation, please transfer your amount into the bank account with its specific details:

Account holder: Trương Thị Bích Thủy

Account Number: 0371000460946

Bank Name: Vietcombank - Branch Tân Định

Content: artificial limb attachment & your telephone number

Or any information regarding your donations, do not hesitate to contact Dr Tien Dang via the emails:,or

Or 0478.414.800 (contact Mrs. Nga)

Love, Peace and Happiness

With kindest regards

Dr. Tien DANG








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