The Inauguration of Thien Lanh Oriental Therapy Clinic at Hai Lang, Quang Tri province

August 24, 2018


It is no happier than being informed of the inauguration of Thien Lanh Oriental Therapy Clinic held on 22 August, 2018 at Hai Lang, giving rise to free-of-charge medical services for thousands of low-income people in Quang Tri, one of the most disadvantaged provinces of Vietnam. This clinic officially gets the ball rolling in early September, 2018. It will be developed to be a giant oriental and western therapy centre in the province in future, benefiting many more medically underprivileged patients in a long run.

 The 100 m2 covered waiting zone with the Signboard of Thien Lanh Oriental Therapy Clinic and 150 m2 tiled floor from which 50 m2 part protruded, will be decorated with ornamental plants and flowers, reducing patients'  stress and tension or illness. 

 Three medical rooms with 6 patient beds


The whole area surrounding the three medical rooms in which chairs and benches will be placed along the walls for patients massaged or acupunctured by their herbal physicians. 


Thanks to the active TỪ HÒA members’ financial support, particularly the endless and tireless efforts and lots of time Mr.Thành, a devoted  TỪ HÒA-CICG member, put  into managing, supervising the project and coordinating the staff work,   all the works have been successfully completed, as suggested by Senior Venerable Thich Lieu Bon, within four weeks right before Vu Lan Festival, a very important Buddhist event, catching so many attendants’ eye. 

 Mr. Thanh and Three herbal doctors in charge of Thien Lanh Clinic 

On the other hand, on the 21st of August 2018, 32 large bags of various herbals collected by Mr. Hung, another enthusiastic TỪ HÒA-CICG member from the Herbal centres situated in Saigon and Cao Lanh, Dong Thap province, were transported to Thien Lanh Oriental Therapy Clinic, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri. In other words all is available for the clinic to be open for poverty-stricken patients at no cost in early September, 2018.

 Medicine cabinet

 herbal medicine cabinets in a prescription-making up room

This significant project is associated with the following items:

1/ Upgrading and converting a very old house into three medical rooms and a prescription-making up room

2/ Upgrading and converting an old room into an herbal storage.

3/ Building a new WC for all

4/ Constructing a 100 m2 waiting zone with 150 m2 tiled floor

5/ Installing a drinking water filter

6/ Building 6 patient beds

7/ Installing three medicine cabinets

8/ Supplying 32 bags of herbals for free

9/ Supplying 5 bags of herbal tablets at no cost


  Herbal storage from the outside view

The total cost for all the works has added up to 216 million VNDs (12,600 AUDs) excluding 17% for the major contractor, Mr. Thành, as he is very pleased to volunteer to serve community and society without getting paid at all for the rest of his life.


However, the total cash donations are worth 145 million VNDs, 71 million VNDS (4200 AUDs) lower than the target cost (216 million VNDs). Therefore, you are very needed to make a prompt action by donating your own sum in order for us not to be behindhand with payments for the builders, coming to a happy end.

Thank you very much indeed for your generosity and on-going support.

Best wishes

Happiness, Peace and Love

Dr. Tien DANG

Below are some more pictures about the clinic on the inauguration day

























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