September 1, 2018


Thien Lanh Free Clinic is to provide free holistic checkup, treatment, health care for disadvantaged people, particularly for very low-income patients using oriental and western therapies. It is a gathering point of dedicated and kind-hearted volunteers who include experienced herb doctors, technicians, western medicine doctors, herbal pharmacists/persons, patient carers and service workers available for working full time, part time, overtime or non-working days (weekends and holidays) without being paid at all. They are all devoted to serve poor patients from the bottom of their loving heart. Exactly speaking, Thien Lanh Free Clinic supplies entirely free services for any of those no matter who they are (including wealthy patients just in case they are very interested in Thien Lanh Clinic’s oriental therapy). Therefore, to make it clear and convenient for our staff, patients, their family members, and anyone, especially for those who would like to be engaged in Thien Lanh Free Clinic’s charity activities, the following requirements must be met. It is hoped that complying with these rules certainly will give rise to the further and sustainable development of more free Thien Lanh clinics nationwide to bring benefits, smile and happiness to many more poor patients and their families.

  1. No donation boxes nor any charity request forms for charity organizations are applied at Thien Lanh Clinic.

  2. Nobody from Thien Lanh Clinic is permitted to receive money or bonuses from patients and/or their loved ones.

  3. Any of those who would like to sincerely engage in cooperating with Thien Lanh Clinic (as herb doctors, western medical doctors, nurses etc), they are very warmly welcome.

  4. Case records are always set up with care to follow up the progress of patients’ diseases to ensure that they feel secure and peaceful to be best treated with the therapy as undergone or applied by our doctors.

  5. The following information about patients that should be provided in the clinical records are: full name, birth place, current residence, correspondent contact (current address, desk phone number and/or mobile phone number) through which they are easily reached out to follow up any progress of their diseases to ensure that they are on the right track and/or they are getting better off.

  6. Any of those, who are examined by our western medicine doctors, will be written out prescriptions sealed with Thien Lanh Clinic and signed by them. With these prescriptions, they will be charged at the cheapest prices at the pharmacies which have committed with us to take no benefits  from our poor patients.

  7. Any advertisements related to Thien Lanh Clinic are prohibited.

Importantly, TỪ HÒA-CICG’s strong ambition is to set up many more free Thien Lanh clinics in other places throughout Vietnam where many more poverty-stricken families depend on our free medical services alongside free vegetarian meals for patients and essential gifts given to people particularly in urgent need. 

TỪ HÒA-CICG’s sacred and significant purpose is to create pure places which are full of mutual compassion, mutual affection, mutual understanding, mutual forgivingness and mutual care. Thien Lanh Clinics are sincerely wished to become loving places where our staffs are all happy to serve patients from the bottom of our heart without any demands made at all. Not only does each Thien Lanh Clinic take care for local inhabitants, but also we are available to pay visits to remote areas (disadvantaged areas) across Vietnam to give our free and compassionate services to many other disadvantaged people. Therefore, please, let us contribute to make such a dream true.


Yours sincerely

Happiness, Peace and Love

Dr. Tien DANG, founder of




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