THIỆN LÀNH Charity Oriental Therapy Centre: A real fairy tale in Saigon, and ...Vietnam

October 16, 2018


Where is it possible to find a place that a staff of herbal physicians, doctors and their assistants are dedicated to examining patients (particularly low-income patients), treating their diseases and  taking considerate care of their health for free?

Where is it possible to find a place that physicians have devoted their effort, medical knowledge and experience to their patients no matter when the last patients have been examined and clinically treated.

Where is it possible to find a place that many patients with severe diseases, such as rheumatics, arthritis, hernia, sciatica, gout, meridians congestion etc can rely on?

Many patients have arrived at Thiện Lành Clinic, Tan Tao, Saigon before the open time, and..


Where is it possible to find a place that those, who do wish to become charity herbal physicians, will be trained at no cost including room and board charges?

Where is it possible to find a place which is authorized to award professional certificates without any charges to oriental therapy physicians, who have volunteered their traditional therapy for years, especially after being considerately assessed?  

Where is it possible to find a place which is not only authorized to mix, make, and dispense herbals, but also to collect various traditional remedies from various physicians to be used in the long run?

Where is it possible to find a place where the land owners are very pleased to let their property be used free of charge to construct a charity clinic open to poor patients while the land prices cost an arm and a leg in Saigon?

Where is it possible to find a place that the landlords  voluntarily  make free vegetarian meals to the physicians, volunteers and patients, and they are also acting as herbal physicians on probation?

Where is it possible to find a place that not only are herbal doctors devoting their knowledge, experience and effort to their patients, but they sometimes donate their own money to clinical treatment to their patients as well?

Where is it possible to find a place where patients feel warm and comfortable, as they are deliberately cared for by considerate herbal doctors, their assistants, and volunteers?

Where is it possible to find a place that patients in the neigbourhood are very happy to bring vegetarian meals prepared at home to serve their physicians, staff and other patients and caregivers?

Where is it possible to find a place that patients are given loving advice on the proper way of preparing medicine, good deeds that should be done, healthy lifestyles that should be maintained?

Where is it possible to find such a pure place that is used as a model to establish many more ones nationwide?




At the present, the second Thiện Lành clinic has been established at Hai Lang, Quang Tri province. It is managed by Venerable Monk Lieu Bon in charge with five herbal physicians and their assistants. The second Thien Lanh medical clinic has ten patient beds for the time being. It will be developed to be a centre which includes western therapy undertaken by a staff of voluntary doctors available for getting engaged as soon as this therapy has been legalized with the clinic.

Second Charity Thiện Lành Oriental and Western therapy Clinic in Quang Tri province


Another one will be formed soon in Da Nang in 2019, as the manager and  his herbal physicians and assistants are voluntarily available for serving patients free of charge.


Most importantly, the fact is that almost all herbal physicians (reaching thousands) in the provinces such as An Giang, Dong Thap, Tien Giang etc to the west of Saigon have been examining and treating patients at no cost. Moreover, many people in these places are very interested in getting involved in charity works. Thus, TỪ HÒA-CICG have put in special efforts to make use of  these voluntary forces, establishing many more pure clinics and centres, making fairy tales come true in the material world in the near future.


These significant projects would not be possible without your participation and generosity which are reflected through your financial donations.

From the bottom of our heart, we would like to express our huge thanks for your support and on-going cooperation.

Best regards

Love, Happiness and Peace 

Peaceful mind

Dr Tien Dang, founder


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