Enormous potential for developing a network of Charity Eastern Medical Clinics throughout Vietnam?

October 18, 2019

It goes without saying that the development model to establish Thiện Lành Charity Eastern Medical Clinics across Vietnam has been getting off to a flying start. Thanks to the collaboration of multiple parties and a set of valuable resources associated with 13 readily available capitals (or assets) such as land capital (e.g., large estates that are opened to free access: land fund equating to zero, used in the long run; human capital (e.g. A readily available force of herbal physicians o doctors...) (TỪ HÒA-CICG, 20/Sep/2019), four THIỆN LÀNH Charity Eastern Medical Clinics have been opened to low-income people or to any of those who cannot afford health care services that cost an arm and leg for them. In other words, tens of thousands of disadvantaged people have been medically checked up, treated and provided with herbals for free. (TỪ HÒA-CICG, Project updated on 21/09/2019,  https://www.tuhoa-cicg.com/get-involved ).


Master plan of Thiện Lành Charity Center: Near a WC is a clinic that is opposite to a herbal tablet - making up house; to the left of the clinic is a herbal storage; and at the center is the yard which will be used to expose fresh herbals to the sunlight.


By the beginning of November this year, another one will be established in Lai Vung District, Dong Thap Province, adding up to five Thiện Lành Charity Oriental Therapy Clinics. Based on what has been gained through the excellent connection made by TỪ HÒA-CICG members, Lai Vung is an ideal place for an important THIỆN LÀNH Charity Eastern Medical Center to be created,  as its conditions and capitals (human capital, physical capital etc) are recognized as enormous potential for the growth of the network of THIỆN LÀNH Charity Eastern Medical Clinics across Vietnam from now on.

 Here is the plan of a charity oriental therapy clinic within Thiện Lành Eastern  Medical Center


Following are the readily available capitals, which are really needed not only to open a charity clinic but also to accelerate the development of this network.


1) A team of about 80 volunteers , who have been acting as charity herbal-seekers, herbal-planters and herbal-providers, are willing to join TỪ HÒA-CICG to promote the growth of THIỆN LÀNH charity clinics.

2) A team of 20 volunteers, who have been prefabricating charity houses, are also available for such network.

3) 500 m2 land available for this purpose ( A THIỆN LÀNH Charity Medical Eastern Center includes  a clinic of 17-20 patient beds, a 90 m2 storage of herbals, and a herbal tablet - making up house), used in the long run.

4) Two herbal-cutting machines, which could cut five tons of plant roots, branches, trunks etc into herbal patches or herbal products per day.

5) Several charity herbal gardens with their total areas of 10 hectares or so, which will be utilized to provide many Thiện Lành Charity Clinics.

6) And others (see 13 capitals or assets)

Dear donors,

With 12,500 AUDs only, a charity eastern medical clinic (a core item of this center) will be opened within 2019 to serve tens of thousands of disadvantaged people year by year for free.

Importantly, this work will certainly enable the entire THIỆN LÀNH Charity Eastern Medical Center to be built up, giving rise to the sustainable growth of this network.

 Here is a herbal storage, which will be constructed within 2019 following the clinic.


It its therefore you are really needed. Your generosity will make a marvellous change.

Below are the photos of groundbreaking activities paving the way for such a would-be Thiện Lành Charity Eastern Medical Center.





From the bottom of our heart, thank you for your donations.

Kindest regards

Peace, Happiness and Compassion


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